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A gallery of before and after pictures. Where we are now, and what the motel looked like when we began this adventure in 2022. We have always felt the Triangle has good bones. Even when it was desperate for some much needed love, there was a charm and serenity about it.

Triangle Motel Today

Triangle Motel 2022

Take a journey through our adventure of cleaning, tearing down, building up, rewiring, digging, plumbing, and dreaming. From the very beginning we could all see what the Triangle could be, the remnants from the past that could be revived to make the motel beautiful once again.

Swimming Pool

The pool had fish in it when we purchased the property. It was one of the first projects we tackled. We acquired the property in May and knew we would be working in 100+ degree heat, the pool was a savior that first summer. This gallery shows the pool at a few crucial turning points, including the time it was truly our home base while working on the property.

You might even notice a refrigerator in the pool area, there was a time when the only working outlet was at the pool and our long hours meant a fridge was key. A pool fridge turned out to be quite nice. Enjoy the before and after, and come enjoy the pool with us now.

Thanks for taking a trip back in time with us. It has been an absolute joy jumping into this crazy dream and bringing the Triangle back to life. It has also been sweaty, grimy, and daunting at times. We are thrilled to have a section titled “after” pictures!

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